Drilling Mud Laboratory Equipment

Drilling Mixers and Cups

Graduated cup for measuring mud volumes and mixing

Roller Oven

Roller Ovens are primarily designed for laboratory use. These roller ovens provide an excellent method of aging drilling fluid samples.

pH Meter

pH measurement of samples


It prepares the sample in wafer form so the expansion may be measured

Marsh Funnel

The Marsh funnel is a simple device for measuring viscosity by observing the time it takes a known volume of liquid to flow from a cone through a short tube.

Retort Kits

A retort, sometimes called a still, is used to determine the quantity of liquids and solids in a drilling fluid.

HTHP Standard Filter Press

High pressure High Temperature filter press design features a cell body to hold the mud sample, a pressure inlet, and a base cap with screen and filter paper. Suitable for filtration measurement in both field and laboratory use

Resistivity Meter

The Resistivity Meter is a portable measuring device designed to give a quick, reliable measurement of the resistivity of a small sample expressed in ohm-meters.

Lubricity Tester

A lubricity test was designed to simulate the speed of rotation of the drill pipe and the pressure with which the pipe bears against the wall of the hole.

Standard Filter Press

Low pressure filter press design features a cell body to hold the mud sample, a pressure inlet, and a base cap with screen and filter paper. Suitable for filtration measurement in both field and laboratory use

Direct Indicator Viscometer

The instrument used to measure viscosity and gel strength of drilling mud. Multi-speed device.

Analytical Balance

It is designed to measure small mass in the sub-milligram range

Mud Balance

Measurement of density (weight) of drilling fluid, cement or any type of liquid or slurry.

Linear Swell Meter

It is used in examining the interaction between water based fluids and mineral samples containing reactive clays under simulated conditions while fluid is in motion

Core Analysis Laboratory

Core Slabbing Crosscut and Band Saws

Versatile diamond impregnated radial blade utilized either to slab core samples in two halves or to trim full diameter rock samples

High Pressure Core Saturator

Saturator sequentially performs vacuum and saturation cycles on both plug and whole core size samples.


Porosity determination at ambient condition by inert gas

Core Trimming Machine

Bench top tool designed to cut core samples to pre-set lengths

Dean Stark Apparatus

The Dean-Stark apparatus or Dean-Stark receiver or distilling trap or Dean-Stark Head is a piece of laboratory glassware used in synthetic chemistry to collect water (or occasionally other liquid) from a reactor. It is used in combination with a reflux condenser and a batch reactor for continuous removal of the water that is produced during a chemical reaction performed at reflux temperature



Measure the refractive index and concentration of liquids, gels and solids

Reservoir Permeability Tester (Core Flooding System)

Core flooding device at reservoir conditions by liquid and/or gas

Liquid and Gas Permeameters

Core permeability determination at ambient condition (Fanchi Core Holder)

Core Milling Machine

Versatile bench top diamond impregnated radial blade utilized either to cut core samples in two halves or to trim rock samples

Advanced Core Resistivity System

Core resistivity determination at ambient and reservoir condition

Petroleum Reservoir and Production Engineering Laboratory

Liquid Flow Meter Rig

Demonstration of specific characteristics of different types of flow meter used in measuring flow through pipes

Air Flow Meter Test Rig

Measurement of Gas flow in pipes

Fluidization & Permeability Apparatus

Permeability determination of unconsolidated sand bed and grain size determination by Kozney & Carmen

Hydrology Apparatus

Well interference test, drawdown pressure profile for circular and rectangular drainage shape, permeability of unconsolidated sand bed.

PVT Analysis Laboratory

High pressure pump

The pump is specially designed to generate and control fluid pressure; it encompasses an efficient brushless motor-driven piston having low friction sealing.


The HP HT density cell handles reservoir fluids at pressures and temperatures up to 10 Kpsi and 175 °C, respectively. The principle consists of transferring the sample into the cell at reservoir conditions and weighing it using a high resolution balance.


The rolling ball viscometer determines the viscosity of samples collected either down hole or at the surface. It uses the rolling ball principle where the travel time of a piston is used to obtain viscosity data, which are derived from correlation with curves of fluids with known viscosities


Designed to trap heavy compounds which might be produced during the liberation of the gas phase from reservoir to atmospheric conditions


Thermodynamic properties and phase behavior studies of black oil and gas condensate samples. The PVT cell is composed of an efficient fluid mixer mounted on the piston, a dedicated visual head, two sampling valves, an accurate pressure transducer and an electric heater enabling a homogeneous temperature control. A digital camera system monitors the liquid/gas interface through the sapphire windows


Measures gas volume at ambient conditions. The apparatus comes fully equipped with a glass tube, floating piston, crank, two valves, temperature probe, pressure sensor and encoder for volume measurement, display panel and two years spare parts and consumable items

Computer and Workstation Laboratory

4 - High-end computers [MS Windows 7 SP1 - (64-bit) Professional, Dual quad-core processors, 64 GB RAM, dual monitors, Graphics-NVIDIA Quadro K5000, HDD 300 GB] Dell

Installed standard industry software, Schlumberger PETREL, IPM Suite (GAP, MBAL, PROSPER…)

25 - Laptops

500GB- Hard Drive, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10, Core-I5

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